Build your career with MIS


"Your career is where you will spend the largest part of your life. It must fulfill your professional and financial needs. More importantly, your career needs to keep your interest - to constantly inspire you. ”

We provide a challenging work environment, an open work culture & competitive remuneration, the right ingredients to facilitate superlative performance. Join our highly motivated and dedicated team to embark upon a challenging and rewarding career where you get to make decisions, create great products and in the process, have some fun! We believe in the concept of continuous learning, taking on responsibilities and providing growth opportunities for every team member. Our environment encourages Innovation. Ideas are welcome and every individual is empowered to think, share and take ownership of their ideas and creations. We also design fresh solutions with the potential of generating entirely new revenue sources.

We need corporate executives & practicing IT professionals. Candidate should possess very good communication skills, problem solving approach & positive attitude to deliver the software in time, while maintains high quality standards.

The globel is smaller. Change happens faster. The opportunities for growth, innovation, and exploration abound. This is a very exciting time, especially at Desire Software. As the pioneers of the market-leading Business Service Management methodology, we believe that our people,are keys to our continued innovation and success.

Where are you in your career journey - Beginner? Experienced? Seasoned professional? At Desire, you will come face to face with a bouquet of opportunities. Your tasks will challenge your abilities and force you to come out of the mould, constantly pushing you to achieve more.

We’re expanding rapidly around the globe, resolving new problems for clients, and opening new frontiers to explore. We're always looking for how clients can create more innovative ways of doing business… leverage advanced technologies.

Our clients truly appreciate what we do. They value the business-technology insights and capabilities we deliver to their organizations. Our clients are our partners in innovation and we have grown with them.

Cloud Computing, BI & Analytics, Collaboration and Mobility are the key areas Persistent has invested in new technologies poised for growth in the years to come.